[arch-projects] Forum to mailing list

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Tue Mar 22 13:00:27 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-03-22 at 11:05 -0600, Dusty Phillips wrote:
> I suggest we either try user-contributions on this list, or set up a
> second list that accesses it so we can test the interface. The long
> term goal is, of course, to migrate bbs.archlinux.org to a forum2mail
> gateway.

I would not suggest to include all forums in bbs.archlinux.org but few
selected related to this mailing list. The mail2forum software can do
it. As an example I would select these forums only:
CD/FTP Installation
Package and Security Advisories
User Contributions
General Programming Forum

If we don't user-contributions but another web bbs, then following
forums could be included from usercb:
Project Discussion

> I've always disliked mailing lists, but after using this one with
> gmail, I'm finding its actually a lot more useful than web bbs
> software. 

When I joined today this mailing list seeing the big number of mails in
the archive, would have been nice if all in a web bbs where easy to
search and mails in assigned categories & forums. This is why I like the
idea of mail2forum... combining mlist and forum (bbs) thereby having a
easy to use "archive" and fast communication.


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