[arch-projects] projects

cactus cactus at solarblue.net
Wed Mar 30 16:13:35 EST 2005

On Wed, March 30, 2005 12:57 pm, Dusty Phillips said:
> Hey,
> What's everybody working on these days? ;-)

SolarWiki, looking for a job, learning python, and a few misc things..

> I officially deleted the AL forums from my bookmarks today, its
> starting to annoy me. I don't really have better things to do with my
> time, but I'd rather do nothing than get involved with some of that.

I feel your pain.

> My personal project is, of course Ensmer. I've made a few changes, not
> ready for another devel release. Development has slowed down since I
> don't have a school timeline anymore. I'm also working more on things
> that seem important than things that seem like they're worth marks.

Nice. Any job prospects for the java god? *wink*

> I'm thinking of voice recognition... don't know how to actually
> implement it. I'm looking at sphinx-4:
> http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/sphinx4/
> Any ideas on that? I thought it might be neat to add voice commands as
> alternative form of input. Hard to implement in a modular fashion
> though. And then there's internationalization...

Would be very neat indeed. Voice is a tricky thing though. Not sure about
sphinx..One of my ex-professors was a digital signal guy at Westinghouse
for many many years. I could ask him about voice recognition stuff. He was
helping a group of undergrads with a project at one time..something about
people singing into their computer, and having it show the notes and pitch
they were singing show up on the screen in real-time. They did it all in
java, using some opensource FFT libs. pretty cool stuff actually.


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