[arch-projects] projects

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 16:59:29 EST 2005

> Nice. Any job prospects for the java god? *wink*

Nada... is that an offer?

I can't work locally here and I'm not willing to leave my karate club
just right now, so I'm kinda screwed for a real job right now.

Phrakture started the Java God thing. I'm not so vain as to invent it
myself. I just graciously accepted it... :-D

> anyway, if you want to do voice recognition yourself,

Hardly.... I don't do that low level stuff, I just borrow libraries
built by other people. I'm a lazy programmer, don't actually do any
*real* work. I put these API together into interesting things and
don't write anything really nifty.  You know, typical Java coder...


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