[arch-projects] projects

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 17:04:15 EST 2005

> > I officially deleted the AL forums from my bookmarks today, its
> > starting to annoy me. I don't really have better things to do with my
> > time, but I'd rather do nothing than get involved with some of that.
> Ha ha!  I haven't been there in a month or so now.  I think I'm better for
> it too.

I suppose you've met migorz on IRC though.

> I also feel bad about Matthias-Christian and pacman-i18n.  Almost enough to
> do something about it.  Things always move slowly in Arch, even though
> we all try to pull our own weight.  We really do need more devs to handle
> smaller things.  Who wants to be my lackey? ;o)

Does it pay? :-D  (I read your interview...)

Maybe I could do some smaller things... as long as its interesting. I
had to quit the documentation because I don't find it interesting... I
don't know what I would find interesting though. Hmmm, do you want a
3D Ensmer frontend to pacman?

I mean, its technically not *just* a GUI frontend. ;)

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