[arch-projects] Change ArchWM-base to ArchWD?

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Sat Sep 24 09:20:53 EDT 2005


In the project ArchWM-base, an effort of developing a 'perfect' Window
Manager for Arch Linux, something fundamental is missing. I thought the
current base (ver. does the job but I don't think it will do,
though, the base (not including Pacwm toolkit but the WM side) is good.
Here lets consider its 'perfect'. But I still consider something is

Users will not be depended what ArchWM-base will offer but can
contribute their own modules and features, but still something is

The configure for end users became easy by incorporating a runcom system
similar to Arch (rc.conf and rc.sysinit), and the coding of all fvwm
system files were change to simple format, but still something is

It is what you make it, but still something is missing.

The missing part is caused by making ArchWM-base into a package and the
users will wait for upgrades. It has same affect as the general Linux
distributions making the end users depended what's offered. Arch Linux
break that tradition by not having fixed releases but a continues
upgrade. Also provided a means (ABS) of include users' own packages. The
ArchWM-base use the same idea, allowing user contributions, but
currently has "fixed" releases.

Instead of making an ArchWM-base as an individual package, why not an
ArchWD (distro). A "distro" running within Arch. Not only getting rid of
the rigid concept of WM (managing windows what is actually quite
limited) but creating a new style of "WM" same as Arch did as a distro.
The ArchWD still manages the windows but aims to distribute WM and DE
related packages (modules and scripts). Not only Fvwm based packages but
also others.

The style of upgrading the ArchWD system files and user contributed
packages, will be same as pacman. The current name "pacwm" toolkit
(confusing name) will be changed to "pactk" (package toolkit). To
upgrade ArchWD and all installed user packages, simply run in terminal:
pactk -Syu

Sounds good? Or something is still missing?

Why Fvwm and not PekWM:


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