[arch-projects] Change ArchWM-base to ArchWD?

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 11:41:21 EDT 2005

> Instead of making an ArchWM-base as an individual package, why not an
> ArchWD (distro). A "distro" running within Arch. Not only getting rid of
> the rigid concept of WM (managing windows what is actually quite
> limited) but creating a new style of "WM" same as Arch did as a distro.
> The ArchWD still manages the windows but aims to distribute WM and DE
> related packages (modules and scripts). Not only Fvwm based packages but
> also others.
> The style of upgrading the ArchWD system files and user contributed
> packages, will be same as pacman. The current name "pacwm" toolkit
> (confusing name) will be changed to "pactk" (package toolkit). To
> upgrade ArchWD and all installed user packages, simply run in terminal:
> pactk -Syu

What's the difference between doing this and, for example, creating a
custom pacman repository of archwm packages? Keep it simple -- use
existing tools.


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