[arch-projects] Change ArchWM-base to ArchWD?

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Thu Sep 29 16:31:32 EDT 2005


What I love with projects what have no fixed shape or aim, the end
result becomes different what was thought at start.

ArchWM-base is one of those projects which shaped its own form and
usage. It started as ArchWM-base and ended as ArchWD (Arch Window
Developer - a pre-installed WM and configuration developer). 

ArchWD is a pre-installed WM and a tool for you to develop the
configuration. Its an one time install only, and upgrades are through
user contributed packages within ArchWD itself. 

The conclusion of trying to make a 'perfect' WM is not the perfection in
a WM itself but which can have maximum input/ contributions/
collaboration from others. No when said this, I should have called it
ArchWWiki. :)



On Sat, 2005-09-24 at 21:20 +0800, Rasatmakananda wrote:
> Hi,
> In the project ArchWM-base, an effort of developing a 'perfect' Window
> Manager for Arch Linux, something fundamental is missing. I thought the
> current base (ver. does the job but I don't think it will do,
> though, the base (not including Pacwm toolkit but the WM side) is good.
> Here lets consider its 'perfect'. But I still consider something is
> missing.
> Users will not be depended what ArchWM-base will offer but can
> contribute their own modules and features, but still something is
> missing.
> The configure for end users became easy by incorporating a runcom system
> similar to Arch (rc.conf and rc.sysinit), and the coding of all fvwm
> system files were change to simple format, but still something is
> missing. 
> It is what you make it, but still something is missing.
> The missing part is caused by making ArchWM-base into a package and the
> users will wait for upgrades. It has same affect as the general Linux
> distributions making the end users depended what's offered. Arch Linux
> break that tradition by not having fixed releases but a continues
> upgrade. Also provided a means (ABS) of include users' own packages. The
> ArchWM-base use the same idea, allowing user contributions, but
> currently has "fixed" releases.
> Instead of making an ArchWM-base as an individual package, why not an
> ArchWD (distro). A "distro" running within Arch. Not only getting rid of
> the rigid concept of WM (managing windows what is actually quite
> limited) but creating a new style of "WM" same as Arch did as a distro.
> The ArchWD still manages the windows but aims to distribute WM and DE
> related packages (modules and scripts). Not only Fvwm based packages but
> also others.
> The style of upgrading the ArchWD system files and user contributed
> packages, will be same as pacman. The current name "pacwm" toolkit
> (confusing name) will be changed to "pactk" (package toolkit). To
> upgrade ArchWD and all installed user packages, simply run in terminal:
> pactk -Syu
> Sounds good? Or something is still missing?
> Wiki:
> http://user-contributions.org/wikis/userwiki/index.php/ArchWM-base
> Forum:
> http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=15368
> Why Fvwm and not PekWM:
> http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=15222
> Markku
> (rasat)
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