[arch-projects] _nus

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Fri Sep 30 12:07:08 EDT 2005

I have a project I am currently working on, called _nus.

_nus is an attempt at a remote server update manager for ArchLinux. 
Think of it like...the redhat-network, if you are familiar with that. My 
hope is that people would be able to use it to monitor a large 
collection of servers, to see which ones are out of date, and to 
schedule things like adding/removing/updating packages.

_nus has two components: A web aggregator, and a monitor daemon. The 
monitor daemon runs on each of the servers being...monitored. Both are 
written in ruby (with the rails framework for the web aggregator).

I have the monitor daemon code (_nus:Client) mostly framed out. I just 
need to add the actual 'work' code to it. I am currently working on the 
web aggregator (_nus:Server) portion.

Maveric has been providing me some good feedback, and he said he will 
provide some testing when I get something usable out.

Hopefully this tool will be useful to someone out there. ;)

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