[arch-projects] AUR 2 git repository

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Tue Sep 18 13:01:36 EDT 2007

> @AUR2 Devs: I decided i'll try to provide you a git repo asap, means that it
> this task went some entries up in my tasklist ;).

Well. Thinking about it..
git, as well as other distributed scm systems, are largely pull based.
Sure they can be centralized (a subset of distributed), but I don't
think we need to rush out and create a central repo.

The arch devs can certainly create a 'master' repo that people can
pull from. Then each of the devs that want to contribute can either
put their own repo online that we can pull from, or they can submit
mail patchgobs for inclusion.

This is how the pacman source submission process works, as well as the
linux kernel.

So if you want to setup a central repo for people to work from, that
is great. However, I think for upstream submission, we will probably
just use pull or patchgob instead of direct push from everyone.

Something to consider at the very least...

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