[arch-projects] no relevant title

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Sat Sep 22 15:05:09 EDT 2007

eliott wrote:
> Just a notice.
> I rebased my readytopull branch from paul's upstream, so it should be
> much easier for paul to pull changes from me...
> but it might cause issues for anybody that is currently tracking my repos.
> You will probably just need to do a `git fetch --force` to squelch the
> complaining git will probably do.

I'm still slow at git and fumbling around, but have you pushed your
readytopull to your public repo? If I clone you, I don't see it:

[pjmattal at pedantic eliott.git]$ git branch -r

I don't know how this thing typically works.. do people usually have a
branch that is ready to pull? I was originally thinking people would
merge stuff into their master when it was ready, and work in branches
until then, but I also see how having a special separate readytopull
could be handy.

In any case, should we adopt a convention to eliminate confusion?

- P

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