[arch-projects] [udev][RFC][0/5] moving udev closer to upstream

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Sat May 14 08:51:21 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

Tobias agreed to let me take over maintaining the udev package, and I
have some ideas for changes I'd like to get everyone's comments on.

Over the last few years udev has grown and distros have consolidated
to the point where most distro's should be able to ship an unpatched
version of udev. We are not as far away from upstream as we used to
be, and we will still need to keep some patches due to backwards
compatibility, but there is quite a lot we can get rid of.

The aim is to simplify the maintainers job and benefit from all bug
fixing happening upstream, this also means that we should file bug
reports and push patches upstream rather than keeping our own rule
files (to the extent it makes sense). Udev is very actively maintained
with contributions coming from different distros, so this should be a
benefit for everyone.

In the five subsequent emails I'll outline the changes I'd like to
implement. I cc'ed arch-dev-public on this email in case any
interested parties are not on arch-projects, but I'll keep the rest of
the discussion on arch-projects so we don't clog down peoples' inboxes

If anyone has any concern or suggestions pleas speak up :-)



I just discovered that David Reisner is maintaining udev-vanilla in
AUR which is almost exactly what I have in mind, so it might be worth
checking out.

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