[arch-projects] overdue patches for ABS

Linus Arver linusarver at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 00:36:35 EST 2011

Hello all,

Two weeks ago, I submitted a series of patches to ABS to this list, and
also CC'ed them to the ABS maintainer Matt Mooney (I gather that he is
the maintainer, looking at the commit history at
https://projects.archlinux.org/abs.git/). I have yet to receive any
response. I imagine the silence comes from his lack of time to
contribute to ABS, and not the code quality of my patches (as they were
quite thoroughly reviewed by others on this list).

In the meantime, can someone apply my patches [1] into the official git
tree? I can wait another week or two, no problem, but I speak out of
concern for other contributor(s) [2] who'd like to improve on my


[1]: http://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-projects/2011-November/002103.html
[2]: http://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-projects/2011-November/002095.html

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