[arch-projects] netcfg: fixes and features

Jouke Witteveen j.witteveen at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 18:31:43 EST 2012

Dear Thomas and the rest,

A few of us have been looking at the netcfg code lately. One thing
that came to light was that FS#24599 is actualy a wpa_actiond bug, so,
Thomas, could you take it upon you?
Furthermore, Remy's development tree held 8 bugfixes and some
improvements, which I augmented with another 5.5 bugfixes and 3.5
added features (the half one being a syntax to reconnect based on an
interface, as a fix for FS#28196).

I would like to see someone package this work, that is available at
and push a package to the (testing?) repository.

I am not requesting maintainership of the code (Alfredo Palhares is
after it too), but I am willing to be the maintainer. My request is
just to move netcfg forward.

- Jouke

List of fixed bugs outside Remy's tree:
FS#27496 (not quite)

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