[arch-projects] netcfg: fixes and features

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Feb 28 02:59:33 EST 2012

Am 28.02.2012 00:31, schrieb Jouke Witteveen:
> Dear Thomas and the rest,
> A few of us have been looking at the netcfg code lately. One thing
> that came to light was that FS#24599 is actualy a wpa_actiond bug, so,
> Thomas, could you take it upon you?

I looked into it shortly, the last comment is correct.

> Furthermore, Remy's development tree held 8 bugfixes and some
> improvements, which I augmented with another 5.5 bugfixes and 3.5
> added features (the half one being a syntax to reconnect based on an
> interface, as a fix for FS#28196).
> I would like to see someone package this work, that is available at
> https://github.com/joukewitteveen/netcfg
> and push a package to the (testing?) repository.
> I am not requesting maintainership of the code (Alfredo Palhares is
> after it too), but I am willing to be the maintainer. My request is
> just to move netcfg forward.

Both of you, I'd like to point your attention towards
if you haven't merged it already (the patch is also on my github).

Now, we need to make one of you the maintainer of the official netcfg
tree on al.org. I don't know which one of you, so you two fight it out
and tell us the result. Or, anyone else on this list, choose. I don't
care, as long as I don't have to decide.

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