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Leonid Isaev lisaev at umail.iu.edu
Fri Mar 8 15:02:00 EST 2013


I have been running testing/netctl for a couple of days now and noticed some
issues (some of which are not really netctl specific). I thought it might be
better to bring them up here, as opposed to flyspray.

1. There used to be a DHCP_OPTIONS variable in netcfg, but it is never
mentioned in netctl documentation. Meanwhile, ip_set() in globals, does have
DHCPOptions. Was making this variable invisible to the user intentional? It is
quite convenient when dealing with buggy DHCP servers (e.g. -d switch for

2. There is a WPADriver variable whuch is not read if a profile is included in
a group by netctl-auto (because profiles are parsed in separate subshells).
This a good thing, as different profiles can have incompatible values of
WPADriver, but I think it should be included in documentation (it can
seriously confuse a user, myself included, who looks at ps auxww).

3. This is the main issue, albeit also present in netcfg. With wpa_supplicant
2.0 and wpa_actiond 1.4 we noticed a sizeable delay when shutting down
netctl-auto (resp. net-auto-wireless) in a WPA-EAP environment. This is
somehow related to the fact that wpa_actiond is never killed by netctl/netcfg
which only terminates wpa_supplicant/dhcp client. The real problem may be in
wpa_supplicant, but regardless, netctl/netcfg should properly clean up after

Pts. (2) and (3) are 'fixed' by the following small patch...


Leonid Isaev
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