[arch-releng] RC1 ISOs and final release

Grigorios Bouzakis grbzks at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 15:46:52 EST 2009

On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:39 PM, Grigorios Bouzakis <grbzks at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 09:15:58PM +0100, cinan6 at gmail.com wrote:
>> On 02/10/2009 08:45 PM, Grigorios Bouzakis wrote:
>>> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 08:28:28PM +0100, cinan6 at gmail.com wrote:
>>>> On 02/10/2009 05:54 PM, Grigorios Bouzakis wrote:
>>>>> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 06:42:48PM +0200, Grigorios Bouzakis wrote:
>>>>>> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:19:29AM -0600, Aaron Griffin wrote:
>>>>>>> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 10:11 AM, Gerhard Brauer<gerbra at archlinux.de>   wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>>> i have a proposition on the current RC1 and the final release phase:
>>>>>>>> If the current state of the documentation is the real problem not to
>>>>>>>> release the ISO - hell, let's remove ALL documentation from THIS
>>>>>>>> release. We have not an official ISO release since 2008.06 and now
>>>>>>>> someone found a "yaourt" in the docu!
>>>>>>>> IMHO: the RC1 is in release state from technical state. Let's build the
>>>>>>>> final without docu (i guess not many people will ever need them really)
>>>>>>>> and fix the last minor things (typo in /etc/issue, etc.).
>>>>>>>>          *** And release it.  **
>>>>>>>> If we switch to aif next release the docu must rewritten again.
>>>>>>> Good point, and I agree 100%. I will make sure we add a note to the
>>>>>>> release notes that documentation has been removed because it is
>>>>>>> severely outdated. I will point them to the wiki page, updated with
>>>>>>> dolby's changes, and suggest saving or printing or something if they
>>>>>>> need offline docs - does this sound good?
>>>>>>> Though, if I grabbed dolby's changes right now, and removed the
>>>>>>> beginners guide, will that put us in a better state?
>>>>>> With or without docs, i dont know whats best. But since the version of
>>>>>> the guide im working on is mostly the same but shorter at this point,
>>>>>> if its decided to include docs, just include the ones available in the
>>>>>> installer.git now, with a note that its outdated.
>>>>> Or what Aaron  said . The new guide is updated in some parts. Maybe it
>>>>> would be better to include that one. I dont really know. Just if you do
>>>>> make sure to get it from the git repo i posted in BR #13140.
>>>> Hi guys,
>>>> I think you could include just one part - how to set up network.
>>>> Everything else is on wiki, so users can look there. I suppose Arch
>>>> users aren't total beginners and they know how to use elinks.
>>> You mean besides the setup network part during FTP/HTTP installation and
>>> rc.conf ?
>> Yop. Just this part: 3. Select Source-->3.2 FTP/HTTP -->3.2.1 Setup
>> Network (and 3.2.2 Choose Mirror).
>>> Heres how the guide looks now.
>>> http://github.com/grbzks/install-guide/raw/074d47eaed7ddb1449476c0d12675548648a985a/arch-linux-official-guide.txt
>>> Suggestions welcome.
>> My idea: _First_, set up network. _Then_ print something like that: "For
>> help see ...(page on internet)" and continue in installation.
>> What is so difficult during installation? There's nice ncurses
>> interface. User just chooses options and he doesn't need to type
>> anything if he wants (of course it depends on computer etc...). And
>> everything could be set up after installation.
>> The question is: who uses this distro? If advanced users (= not
>> beginners) then short form guide OK.
> I dont get exactly what you mean TBH, but if you mean that the included
> documentation should just reference how to set up the network and a link
> to the wiki i dont think thats needed anymore. I dont know if you tested
> the latest ISOs but the guide should be prettu much up to date now.
> It may not cover all exotic installation scenarios, but in those cases
> you should know what you are doing anyway. And the mkinitcpio
> documentation which is the most important part, people may be ynfamiliar with
> is just the same as the original guide.

If you mean that there shouldnt be any guide, mentioning anything besides
how to setup a network, and links to the wiki, i agree to some extend. The
configuration files are exellently documented anyway.
FTR i had never read any of those guides either when installing. The first
time i had read all the wiki before installing, but it was much smaller then.


what to do and what not to do in public :o)

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