[arch-releng] ISO Dir README (Draft)

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Tue Jan 20 18:18:13 EST 2009

a draft for a README file in our ISO directory (or where we
have to explain what each file is for). We could make the file names
anonymous like archlinux-200X.yy-ftp-i686.iso or name them exactly as
the current files. Then we have to change this README each ISO release.

                    Installation and Live-CD's

All CD's and USB-Images are installation mediums and Live-CD's,
which an be used as maintenance and rescue systems.

These are be the preferred install mediums for ArchLinux. You get always
the actual package versions using these mediums.
archlinux-200X.yy-ftp-i686.iso			i686/32bit CD-ISO
archlinux-200X.yy-ftp-i686.img			i686/32bit USB-Image
archlinux-200X.yy-ftp-x86_64.iso		x86_64/64bit CD-ISO
archlinux-200X.yy-ftp-x86_64.img		x86_64/64bit USB-Image

For those who have problems with Grub as ISO bootloader, we offer
also CD-ISO's with isolinux as bootloader.
archlinux-200X.yy-isolinux-ftp-i686.iso		i686/32bit CD-ISO
archlinux-200X.yy-isolinux-ftp-x86_64.iso	x86_64/64bit CD-ISO

These are for offline installations when no Internet access available
to install the base system.
archlinux-200X.yy-core-i686.iso			i686/32bit CD-ISO
archlinux-200X.yy-core-i686.img			i686/32bit USB-Image
archlinux-200X.yy-core-x86_64.iso		x86_64/64bit CD-ISO
archlinux-200X.yy-core-x86_64.img		x86_64/64bit USB-Image

How to use these installation images:
See section in the "Arch Linux Install Guide":
For the USB-Images see:

Happy installing! Happy ARCHing!


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