[arch-releng] Snapshot 2009.07/08 words

Gerhard Brauer gerbra at archlinux.de
Sun Jul 5 06:09:34 EDT 2009


some notes on the upcoming snapshot (mostly my thoughts, but i guess
Dieter would agree in general):

* We plan definitely to have a new final snapshot(ISO/USB-Images) ready
before and to be present on FrosCon (23./23. August 2009).

* It will have kernel 2.6.30 (99% the
Maybe we could handle this in general: If we make new snapshots with a
new kernel, we wait until first upstream bugfix release.

* It will have aif as installer.
Dieter and myself (and others too!) have done IMHO good work on aif.
Our (private) test ISOs shows that the combination 2.6.30 and aif work
without bigger problems now.

* Next or next-by-one week we were able to present Beta (or better RCx
images), so they could be tested by You.


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