[arch-releng] intel modem drivers (WAS: Archiso patch (FS#10831))

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 25 08:05:41 EDT 2009

Gerhard Brauer schrieb:
> I don't add the brltty package, cause this would install most of X libs
> etc. as depends.. We should think about that when looking closer to
> barriere free solution...

There was some guy working on an ISO for blind people. I think we 
shouldn't bother making our default ISO barriere free, as it adds much 
complexity. Rather see if a community project evolves out of the efforts 
for the blind people and then add that as a separate ISO.

> I also will add pcmcia hook to the initrd images, so install devices on
> this bus could also be used...

Good idea, we had to do this ad-hoc last FrOSCon for some guy.

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