[arch-releng] Assisting Chriss or adopting his CD as a separait project for Arch blind Users

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 18:30:00 EDT 2009

As one of Chris Branon's friends, and as one who has submitted
valuable feedback, I'd like to see Chrisses CD get more support from
the Arch team leads, etc.
I also have another suggestion.
Why couldn't core snapshots be automatically generated, and Chrisses
CD/and the other official images could be all updated? As newer
kernels came out, we could even get weekly/monthly netiso images
automatically wich each core update, so that we'd never have to worry
about waiting for 2 3 4 months or whatever. :)
Just  a suggestion, only. I don't expect that this could be automated.
I'm just suggesting something, nothing more. But the fact that this CD
of chirsses is unofficial isn't great. He does a wonderful job. I'd
like to see him get more people who could build CDs, or whatever. That
way he doesn't have to do all the work, and can focuss on maintaing
Maybe an #Arch-Accessibility channel should be created with an
associated mailing list.
Your thoughts?
I welcome anyone including Chris and anyone else who feels that
Accessibility is important to comment on this. I will CC this to
Arch-General as well so that the community in general can be made
aware of this.
Also, I wanted to ask why weekly builds couldn't be done?
I'm talking about autobuilds, btw, taht use your isoscripts.
I have seen other distros that offer accessibilty I.e.
GRML, etc, wich have automatic CDs.
Gentoo now has minimal stage3 tarballs, and automated snapshots, etc.

Just curious why Arch hasn't done somethinglike this.
Thanks so much all, happy arching, and have fun!
My favorite feature of the LiveCD (I've only used Chrisses bc I can't
use the others) is that you folks don't start anything we don't want.
This might also be a nice way to have chrisses work ported to AMD64,
not just I386. Maybe someone has an 64-bit box to test chrisses CDs

Regards, --Keith

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