[arch-releng] [arch-general] Assisting Chriss or adopting his CD as a separait project for Arch blind Users

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Tue Sep 8 13:38:13 EDT 2009

On Sun, 6 Sep 2009 16:30:00 -0600
Keith Hinton <keithint1234 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> As one of Chris Branon's friends, and as one who has submitted
> valuable feedback, I'd like to see Chrisses CD get more support from
> the Arch team leads, etc.
I'ld like that too.  The reason I didn't do much here is pure lack of time.
And I probably speak for most of us.

> I also have another suggestion.
> Why couldn't core snapshots be automatically generated,
yeah we should do that at some point
> and Chrisses
> CD/and the other official images could be all updated? As newer
> kernels came out, we could even get weekly/monthly netiso images
> automatically wich each core update, so that we'd never have to worry
> about waiting for 2 3 4 months or whatever. :)
sorry I'm out of the loop.  is there a common place (wiki page)/project page/..?
I know we've mailed around at several points in time, 
there should be a central place to keep information and to work on this stuff.

> Just  a suggestion, only. I don't expect that this could be automated.
> I'm just suggesting something, nothing more. But the fact that this CD
> of chirsses is unofficial isn't great. He does a wonderful job. I'd
> like to see him get more people who could build CDs, or whatever. That
> way he doesn't have to do all the work, and can focuss on maintaing
> Speakup/etc.
> Maybe an #Arch-Accessibility channel should be created with an
> associated mailing list.
> Your thoughts?
> I welcome anyone including Chris and anyone else who feels that
> Accessibility is important to comment on this. I will CC this to
> Arch-General as well so that the community in general can be made
> aware of this.
> Also, I wanted to ask why weekly builds couldn't be done?
> I'm talking about autobuilds, btw, taht use your isoscripts.
> I have seen other distros that offer accessibilty I.e.
> GRML, etc, wich have automatic CDs.
> Gentoo now has minimal stage3 tarballs, and automated snapshots, etc.
> Just curious why Arch hasn't done somethinglike this.

lack of time

> Thanks so much all, happy arching, and have fun!
> :)
> P.s.
> My favorite feature of the LiveCD (I've only used Chrisses bc I can't
> use the others) is that you folks don't start anything we don't want.
> This might also be a nice way to have chrisses work ported to AMD64,
> not just I386. Maybe someone has an 64-bit box to test chrisses CDs
> on?
> :)
> Regards, --Keith


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