[arch-releng] 2010.04.05 snapshots ready for testing

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Sat Apr 10 13:11:11 EDT 2010

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 09:30:19 -0500
Chris Brannon <cmbrannon79 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
> > if you had the problem when doing the installation thing directly
> > after a fresh cd-rom boot, it would definitely be useful to have
> > that logfile.
> I start the install directly after boot.  The only thing I don't do
> is partition the drive, since it's already partitioned.

that should not be a problem

> > if `aif -p interactive -l -p` does not fail and /arch/setup does,
> > this might have something to do with the recent changes in the
> > logging/debugging code (although it seems unlikely from the error
> > you gave). some users have reporting /arch/setup not generating a
> > logfile btw.
> Right.  /arch/setup doesn't give me a logfile.  IIRC, neither does
> aif -p interactive.
> And as I said, aif -p interactive -l -d works fine.
> If it's at all important, I'm doing all of this in qemu.  Not sure how
> that could matter, though.
> -- Chris

well, crap. if the problem occurs only when not doing logging, then
this is going to be a bitch to investigate. (did you try just just '-l'
or just '-d' instead of '-l -d' ?)

if you can reproduce it consistently, file a bug report. however i
cannot make guarantees as to when it will be fixed, due to time
constraints.  I can assist you if you want to debug this issue
yourself, though.


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