[arch-releng] 2010.10.4.05 Wireless Discussion suggestions

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 12:24:55 EDT 2010

Hi Thomas.
I used to use Arch Linux quite a lot.
I rairly do these days due to the fact that  now I'm stuck on a
wireless network.
Hooking up via Ethernet is out of the question as I am not permitted
in any case to get near the Router or anything like that, seeing as
this network isn't mine.
This network uses WPA personal with TKIP encryption.
As for the wireless card I know Arch should work with it, seeing as
it's an Intel wireless card.
And it's , more specifically an Intel WiFi link 5100 agn
A few interesting things though:
I happen to be a blind Arch user, and before someone goes shouting at
me to "input a feature yourself" for yes, I have read the Arch way
document and understand it in it's entirety, however I am not a
programmer, simiply a user of an OS< and in the passed, when I used
Arch, I was always on a Ethernet connection, so i had little to worry
about.I hope the Arch release team here will take this seriously.
Hopefully they won't just laugh off yoru suggestions.
Unless Arch Linux is capable of taking your suggestions and making
them a reality at some point, that may be the fnial straw that turns
me off completely from Arch altogether, evne though I enjoy using it.
If I can't get my wireless networking functional on the liveCD through
netcfg through some type of dialog or whatever, then I suppose that
the Live CD wouldn't be of any use.
I primarily use Chris Brannons TalkingArch CD, wich is based off of
the origenal CDs that are released, and are the exact same net install
cDs, just that it uses the Speakup  Linux screen reader.

I'm presently running Arch in a VMware Windows seven VM presently, and
am keeping an eye out on this mailing list to see when this release is
actually coming down the pipes.
But I just wanted to let you know that I like your suggestions, and
hope that someone can incorperate those suggestions into the Arch
linux Installation Framework. :)

Keep up the wonderful emails and stuff like that.
That's the one reason I mainly subscribed ages ago. :)

Happy Arching,


Isn't this fairly strate forward to incorperate into the AIF system as
Thomas was mentioning earlier with regards to wireless for daily use
by those like myself and probably others?
As technology advances, the need for wireless will begin to outway the
need for Ethernet, if that is not already being the case.

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