[arch-releng] ArchIso rocks!

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 03:49:15 CET 2010

Hi folks.
Keep up the great work with ArchIso, and aif.
Aif personally is accessible with Speakup.
As for newer installers they would need to be tested by blind users
specifically, unless someone sighted wished to make there system speak
and actually use a speaking CD or something to test it with.
Curious what kinds of changes you folks are doing in Archiso lately?
I'm currently working on a remastered version of Chris's TalkingArch
CD for my own spessifications, using Archiso-git and talkingarch-git.
Both are found in the AUR.
Talkingarch-git was just updated today to match what's happening with
archiso after I let Chris know that things were not building
Keep up the great work building Arch.
I find Arch to be pretty nice-especially the roling-release functionality.
And Archiso seems like something that anyone should be able to use-not
just you folks at the release level. :)
Have fun archisoing!
Regards, --Keith
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Yahoo/AIM/Twitter: keithint1234
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