[arch-releng] new testbuilds

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Sat Dec 18 17:12:02 EST 2010


a quick rundown of recent changes:

* several aif bugfixes and improvements, mostly related to packages,
  filesystems, partitioning, font,keymap,editor selection, more robust
  checking if packages got installed properly,  improved example
  configs for automatic profile, etc.

* aif usability enhancements:
- several nicer menu's in various places
- package selection shows package info when you hover over it (note
  there's a small bug that causes packages to be ordered incorrectly,
  fixed in git but not worth rebuilding for). if you want the new
  (built from git, btrfs branch)

* inclusion of nilfs and btrfs utilities, and support in aif.
  aif nilfs support should just work.  aif has rudimental btrfs support,
  but untested.
* a whole bunch of archiso changes by Gerardo 
  (remove joe, new directory layout, squashfs support -although I
  don't know how this affects the images -, ..)
* libui-sh bugfixes
* dual images using split profile.

here is the roadmap for the next
official release.
it doesn't include stuff like gpt or wireless support, because i have
my hands more then full already.

I would appreciate it if people can give this a testrun and report
feedback. maybe even contribute patches.. everything should work nicely,
except btrfs. and nilfs and btrfs utilities can't get installed to the
target system.  and initscripts needs a nilfs patch before that can
work properly too.


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