[arch-releng] translations of official installation guide

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Fri Jun 4 13:12:59 EDT 2010

We have discussed how we could handle translations of the official
guide a while back. See
We discussed several approaches with pros and cons, we explained why
translations cannot be "official" (the most important one being they
cannot be guaranteed to be up to date), etc. but we never clearly
defined our policy.

So that's what I will do now.

* Any guide actively supervised by an arch-releng member can be called
At this point, this means only the english version @

* Translations are welcome.  You can host them on the arch wiki, or on
  a local community wiki (like archlinux.de).  But they cannot be
  called "official".  So at the top put "Arch Linux installation guide"
  and mention that it's a translation of

* I will add a section on the official arch guide called "Community
  translations" or something like that, where I can link to your
  translations.  I know mediawiki supports something like an "i18n
  section" where you can link to translations but I don't really know
  how it works.  Can I put as title "community translations" and can i
  make it link to external websites?

* I will put this policy in a more visible place. (probably in the aif
  git repo and link to it from the guide)


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