[arch-releng] LVM Installation Issues

Lukas Grässlin lukasgraesslin at gmx.de
Tue May 11 10:49:42 CEST 2010

Hi there,

I tested archlinux-2010.04.19-core-x86_64.iso and have some issues with
installing with a lvm:

* It would be very very nice if I could say when creating a logical
volume: "Take all the free space in the volumegroup" (aka -l100%FREE)

* If I type a value greater than the free space in the vg the installer
says it encountered errors. Would be better if it is checked, if the
value exceeds the free space.

At the current state I wouldn't use the Installers capability to create
a LVM because it's a bit glitchy.

The same is true of the capability of creating dm-crypt volumes. Till
now I was not able to set up a working scenario with LVM atop of
dm-crypt. The Installers also fails with some errors. (I don't have more
information about this yet because it's a bit longer ago. I will retest it)


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