[arch-releng] LVM Installation Issues

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue May 11 11:23:14 CEST 2010

Am 11.05.2010 10:49, schrieb Lukas Grässlin:
> I tested archlinux-2010.04.19-core-x86_64.iso and have some issues with
> installing with a lvm:
> * It would be very very nice if I could say when creating a logical
> volume: "Take all the free space in the volumegroup" (aka -l100%FREE)

Good idea!

I didn't run into this yet because I tend to only assign a fraction of
the available space during installation (i.e. on a 300GB volume, I use
10GB for system, 4GB for swap and 20GB for /home, let the rest unused).

> * If I type a value greater than the free space in the vg the installer
> says it encountered errors. Would be better if it is checked, if the
> value exceeds the free space.

Good idea. Also didn't run into this for the same reasons.

> At the current state I wouldn't use the Installers capability to create
> a LVM because it's a bit glitchy.

Always worked for me so far.

> The same is true of the capability of creating dm-crypt volumes. Till
> now I was not able to set up a working scenario with LVM atop of
> dm-crypt. The Installers also fails with some errors. (I don't have more
> information about this yet because it's a bit longer ago. I will retest it)

I installed a system using AIF from git in February or March I think
(the current CDs contain a newer AIF version). I had no trouble setting
this up back then.

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