[arch-releng] Firmware thread update

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Thu May 13 02:32:03 CEST 2010

although this is not specific to my Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN wireless card, the following URL shows similar issues, and the primary poster, was having to do exactly what I'm doing with kernel 2.6.33 with regards to: rmmod iwlagn modprobe iwlagn
Or: modprobe -r iwlagn
modprobe iwlagn
insmod iwlagn
Either way, I keep aving to do this-even though the module loads at boot from Arches LiveCD.
I refuse to install Arch, because I am sure that this will occur on the hard-drive as well. 
I don't know if Chris enabled the firmware hook in his initrd.
Chris, could you please look and upload new releases of the builds (or an X86-64 build for me in some temp directory on your webpage directory if you did not enable the firmware hook?
And if there is a newer kernel than what was in your april 2010 snapshots, then could you please update that as well?
Having to modprobe all the time is annoying.
I gave the URL before
URL of my dmesg output with your LiveCD chris (and yes) the firmware Ucode file for my wireless card is there, and the module loads, but the firmware doesn't, is there any chance you forgot to enable that hook?
The paste URL for this dmesg output Chris for you to viw for yourself (and you'll see) where rmmodding and modprobing will work-though wlan0 should already be there but I do not think you have enabled firmware in the kernel image stuff-so I suggest reviewing your latest snapshot on your website and seeing if this is the case-or am I the only one with this issue?
URL for dmesg output:
The bug URL is:
As mentioned above you'll see where the firmware doesn't load.
Note: as mentioned in a prior post about the GRML-based distro with kernel 2.6.33, the firmware ucode file for the iwlagn module Chris does automatically load.
Perhaps they enabled the firmware hook, and you just may have forgotten? I am sure that even you could have made this mistake.
If this is not a difficult thing to resolve, then please, could someone please help?
I'll never install Arch again if this is something that will always break my machine when wireless is the only option I have and I need the firmware to just autoload on the liveCD.
I do not like this modprobing business whatsoever, and all I need to say at the moment is "screw the Arch Way" of doing things at the moment. Arch is great-but if this is something that is always going to happen, then I don't know what Arch is turning into. I've seen all the interesting kernel related problems lately with busibox and other such things-and at the moment my furstration with simply getting the firmware to load on Chris's TalkingArch CD is driving me up the blasted wall.Arch is great-but as far as this having to even touch modprobe...well this is just not going to be acceptable.
Sorry for taking my frustrations out on the entire Arch Linux development/release team, but I seriously don't care at the moment about my politeness at the moment. All I care about is  the fact that this is happening, and seems totally unsolvable. Even my best Linux blind friend who has figured out ways around my problems in the passed can't solve this issue- so I'm just hoping that some one in Arch might be able to help.
I'm also frustrated because noone on #Arch-Linux seems to be able to help, and the wiki is failing me entirely.
Thanks for letting me rant, and once again sorry for taking my frustrations out on Chris who has done so well with TalkingArch and everyone else, but I'm lible for a while to blaim anything and everything on this firmware crap until I know for damnd sure wwhy it does this, and how to smash this issue once and for all.
I don't have time to learn C, and also don't know who maintains the Ucode files for ArchLinux, but I hope that someone will look at this list and see if anything can be done in any respect, kernel iwlagn related or firmware, or whatever.
If  anyone figures out how to resolve this entirely, then great.
I just hope that  you didn't forget to use the firmware hook Chris-otherwise all my frustrations will have been useless.
But I refuse to accept that Arch-specifically is the only distrobution with this problem.
I just won't try installing until I know this has been tested and pounded on by everyone in the world with Arch if necessary.

Regards, --Keith

That's why I mentioned GRML because if you go to:
and download that CD and boot it up and uname -a on either of the 64-bit or 32-bit versions, the kernel version matches, and dmesg automaticallly has wlan0 with the same firmware loaded-that's why I've brought up that Debian-based distro in that aspect of things.
Thank you all so much for whatever help you can provide-but I cannot figure this out.

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