[arch-releng] Iso tests

Tom Willemsen tom.willemsen at archlinux.us
Sun Apr 3 20:37:08 EDT 2011

Hey Dieter,

On 03 Apr 12:35, Dieter Plaetinck wrote:
> anyway, nice to see the process. some more finetuning and bugfixing and as soon as we have a functional version I want to put it live :)
> Do you still want to do everything on your own? Because we could try to find more people who are into django who could help you out, it would make your life easier and it might help us getting this out quicker.

I haven't completely read your list, but I will when I work on it again,
I wasn't able this weekend since I was stuck working on my day job all
weekend. I will try and work on it tomorrow (monday).

You're the boss, so if you want go and find as many people as you want
of course, I don't want to be in your way in any way. Having said that I
really enjoy working on it and getting both your and Dan's feed back and
there isn't a single part yet that I'd like to get rid of (as in, pass
along to the next person).
So I would enjoy continuing on my own, but of course collaboration with
others can also be a lot of fun, so you decide what you think is best.


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