[arch-releng] Iso tests

Tom Willemsen tom.willemsen at archlinux.us
Mon Apr 18 18:50:44 EDT 2011

Hey Dieter,

Yay finally, another update.

> * clock : default -> maybe make this "unchanged"
> * filesystem: (check the installed system, incl fstab) <-- these instructions are valid for all entries under filesystem, not just "autoprepare"
> * Rollback section -> let's remove the select button, it's a bit redundant.  Instead you can put the text "If you did a rollback followed by a new attempt to setup your blockdevices/filesystems, select which option you took here"
> * "success" -> clearly tell users only to flag this if everything worked fine, and they can fill in comments if anything specific failed.
> * "modules" -> let's also add ext, swap, xfs, jfs and reiserFS.
> * make it more clear users should fill in the "rollback modules" section only if they did a rollback.
> you can then also remove the (useless?) rollback part that has yes/no but no dates, on the main page.
> * the two modules checklists should come before success/comments. i.e. success/comments should be the last thing on the page.
> * after i hit submit, i saw again the http://localhost:8000/isotests/ page, but everything was still "never failed" / "never succeeded".
> then i reloaded the page and saw the results of my input?
> either way, it would be useful to tell the user, after submitting "thanks, submission worked", or the same form again with the reasons why the submission failed (i believe they call this form validation [feedback])
> * I didn't select any modules in the rollback modules part, but the mainpage shows successes for the same modules as the ones I flagged in the regular "modules" checklist.
> * add some links between all the pages. I know you said you would like it to be nicely themed and everything, and I think that's a good idea, but that shouldn't be a blocking factor, for all I care you can make the links as ugly as they can get [for now], as long as they work.
> * in the success/failed colums of /isotests/, if they are filled in (with an isoname) I want that isoname to be a link, so that when I click on it, I see a list of all feedbacks from users of this specific point. For example it would look like:
> Results for : image boot: optical
> iso - nickname - success?
> 2011.03.23 - Dieterbe - Y
> 2011.03.13 - Tom      - N
> (...)

Everything on this list should now be done and checked in to gitorious.
The database has to be re-generated of course.

The main page now shows a link for releng-testbuild-feedback under
community (didn't know where to put it really) and at the top of the
results page there is a link 'Give feedback', at the top of the add page
there is a link 'Go back to results' and at the top of the lists with
failed/succeeded results and the thanks page there are both.

Let me know if I've forgotten (to mention) anything.

I did notice that, when trying out conkeror again, the results page may
not show results immediately, but I don't get that in luakit, so I don't
know if it's conkeror that's loading its own cached pages (only shows me
after a refresh) or if it's luakit not loading anything cached.

Oh yeah, also the lists show the property and value that has been
selected, but not yet the name for the value, that's because I haven't
figured out how to change a string into an object instance yet :) (or
generate an object instance from a string, really)


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