[arch-releng] Syslinux Installer / Update Script - Testers Needed

Matthew Gyurgyik pyther at pyther.net
Sat Jan 15 21:52:03 EST 2011

Hello Community,

Over the last few weeks I have been working on Syslinux support for the 
installer. With the help Thomas and Dieter I am nearing the completion 
of this project. As part of this project, I have written a script that 
will help install and update Syslinux (similar to that of grub-install).

Some key features of the script: syslinux-install_update.sh
* Install Syslinux to the FS + Partition Boot Loader (extlinux --install 
* Install Syslinux MBR
* Detect and optionally set the boot flag on the boot partition
* Update Syslinux – copy files and execute (extilnux --update 
* Support for GPT disks
* Support for RAID configurations

The goal is to include this script in the official Syslinux package. 
Therefore we need your help to test it.

syslinux-install_update.sh -i -a -m ..... install Syslinux, set the boot 
flag (if needed), and install the MBR

We need tests for the following setups:
/ + /boot on the *same* partition
/ + /boot on the *same* partition - RAID
/boot + root on *separate* partition
/boot + root on *separate* partition - RAID
All of the above using but using the GPT partition layout

NOTE: This is an alpha/beta stage script. The script modifies the first 
440 bytes of the disk (using dd) and the partition table (using either 
sfdisk or sgdisk). Although the script should be safe to run, I am not 
responsible for any data loss that may occur.

Let us know the following:
* Did the script work for you?
* What was your partition setup? (see above)
* What version did you use?
* If the script did not work, please provide as much information as possible

Get the script here: https://gist.github.com/772138
Syslinux Sample Config File: 

The Syslinux package in testing includes the above configuration file.


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