[arch-releng] Iso tests

Tom Willemsen tom.willemsen at archlinux.us
Thu Mar 31 16:56:40 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

I didn't get a lot done today, but I did get something done.
I've written that django management command to get the available isos,
iso's can now be fetched by running `./manage.py sync_isos`

I had some questions as well:
> * there will need to be some kind of "are you human test"
>   on the input form (a simple question/response check might do fine,
>   like "which Linux distro is this about? (just the 4-letter word)")
I notices in packages/views.py in the FlagForm class that you are using
a textfield to determine you're not getting spambot entires by requiring
it remains empty and keeping users from seeing it, would this also be
adequate? Seems clever and easy.

> * Can you provide a sample static page called "help" or something?
>   When I have a setup that I can test on, I can start writing the
>   contents for that help page.  It will be needed anyway for users who
>   want to use the app, and at the same time it can serve as
>   implementation guideline for you.
We didn't discuss this any further and I don't know if that has been
done yet, but should I create a wiki page for this (I know we settled on
that) for this alread, or wait? If I should, where should I put it/how
should I name it, etc?

I'll be getting to work on this again this weekend, and I hope to do a
bit more then than I did now.


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