[arch-releng] Helping with AIF

Jeremiah Dodds jeremiah.dodds at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 23:50:02 EDT 2012

I'd really like to lend a hand with AIF, considering Dieter's recent
resignation. I've been using Linux as my primary OS for more than a
decade, and have been using Arch for a few years now, and love it.

Tools like AIF are what I tend to get really into -- I love being able
to automate things like installing a system or making it easy for
someone to customize an installation. One of my (not yet live) pet
projects is a web service that lets people generate their own install
and live cds, the proof-of-concept I threw together is on top of Arch,
using AIF -- I've done a bit of reading through it's codebase already,
although I'm far from grokking it in full.

Besides, I've been wanting to start giving back to Arch. I've gotten a
lot of joy from this distro.

Anyhow, if AIF is being entirely trashed, I'd still like to be involved
in similar efforts. If not, it would be great if anyone had good info on
what needs done that they'd be willing to share.

Thanks for your time, and for everyones work on Arch,

Jeremiah Dodds

github: https://github.com/jdodds
irc   : exhortatory

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