[arch-releng] Release ISO size regressions.

Kyle Sanderson kyle.leet at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 22:51:42 EDT 2013

I may be nit-picking, but I used to be able to install (or run Arch
linux) from my trusty 512MB pen drive. The images that were shipped
included both i686 and amd64, and if I can remember correctly, were
about 450MB in size (multilib, single architecture they were around
220MB). I have no idea how old the image is now, but it's on my
recovery usb drive. The new media requirements are now 526.0MB, which
sadly means I can't successfully dd a new copy of Arch Linux to my
faithful USB drive. While this is a very serious regression to me,
maybe there's a very good reason a lot more packages are part of the
installation media?

This was Task 36582 on the bug tracker; apparently the mailing list is
a better place to discuss package inclusion?

Unfortunately the archive doesn't provide much in style, hopefully
this is alright.


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