[arch-releng] ISO 2014.11.01: installing packages may cause system failure

Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Mon Nov 10 18:43:15 UTC 2014

Peter Mattern <matternp at arcor.de> on Mon, 2014/11/10 17:41:
> Am 10.11.2014 um 17:18 schrieb Christian Hesse:
> > Peter Mattern<matternp at arcor.de>  on Mon, 2014/11/10 17:14:
> >> As of ISO 2014.11.01 attempts to install packages within the live system
> >> itself can cause complete system failure, apparently due to problems
> >> affecting device mapper.
> >>
> >> The problem is a regression that can't be seen with ISO 2014.10.01.
> >> It doesn't always appear and I couldn't find out the exact conditions.
> >> But it seems the number / volume of packages that are about to be
> >> installed has to exceed some kind of threshold.
> >> Also, it doesn't affect running pacstrap the usual way.
> >>
> >> Attaching journalctl output from a KVM/QEMU instance (behaviour is the
> >> same booting "bare metal", though).
> >
> > The cowfile has a default size of 256MB now. Probably that filled up. Try
> > to boot with cowfile_size=2G and try again.
> Any attempt to do so (2g, 1g, 256[m]b) results in kernel panic, the last 
> line before reading
>       /init: line 48: arithmetic syntax error

I can not reproduce this and the parameter works as expected for me.
So no idea what is wrong on your side...
main(a){char*c=/*    Schoene Gruesse                         */"B?IJj;MEH"
"CX:;",b;for(a/*    Chris           get my mail address:    */=0;b=c[a++];)
putchar(b-1/(/*               gcc -o sig sig.c && ./sig    */b/42*2-3)*42);}
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