[arch-releng] Trouble with EFI booting

Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Mon May 16 17:39:09 UTC 2016

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi <vmlinuz386 at gmail.com> on Sun, 2016/05/15 20:21:
> On 05/15/16 15:21, Christian Hesse wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
> > 
> > I am having trouble with EFI booting the media, at least in virtualbox it
> > fails for me. Instead of presenting the boot menu I am dropped to EFI
> > shell.
> > 
> > As I am not sure what caused the issue I open a new topic.
> > We had some changes recently... New packages of efitools (replacing
> > prebootloader) and dosfstools (which create the filesystem for emulated
> > boot). I tried with various combinations of old package(s) and different
> > configuration - but could not make it boot in virtualbox EFI virtual
> > machine.
> > 
> > Did anybody build an image recently and tested EFI functionality?
> >   
> Hello!
> At time of working with Keshav to include EFI support in archiso, all
> test I made using qemu with OVMF and later with ovmf secure boot
> enabled. If my memory does not fail... with VirtualBox  I did not able
> to boot, or if boot works really bad.
> I tested now (vbox) and does not work neither with an older ISO image
> with archiso.img (FAT) of size 32M, while qemu with ovmf (package / not
> SecBoot built-in) works fine.

I used to test my builds with Virtualbox and it worked just fine for me. The
official ISO image 2016-05-01 boots without issue, same for an image I built
on 2016-05-11 at 10 am.

It fails since one day later, so anything changed between 2016-05-11 at 10 am
and 2016-05-12 late afternoon.
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