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On Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 14:56 Alexandr Epaneshnikov via arch-releng
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    hello. i am a blind arch user. currently to independently install
    arch i
    am using the TalkingArch <https://talkingarch.info> it is simple respin
    of archiso with speakup and brltty packages included.

    it wood be nice if official arch live iso comes with accessability
    support. especialy then Debian, fedora and even gentoo provides such
    option and it doesn't required much maintenance when implemented. if
    someone from arch Community interested to implement with my guidance of

    a possible approach :

    1 include alsa, brltty and espeakup packages.

    2 create a special boot option to boot archiso live session with speech
    enabled. brltty can be enabled in standard session because it not
    interfere with workload for sited people.

    3 make a11y documentation on arch wiki.

    if someone is interested. lets discuss.

    p.s. i hope that I chose the right list.

    Sincerely, Alexander

I don't believe this ever received any follow-up. Alexander, thank you
for reaching out to improve Arch. Generally, the way it works for us
that if any member of the community has interest in pursuing anything,
they'll pick it up and just do it.

Since we don't have any members of the Arch dev team who'd be interested
at this time (apparently) to help this effort along, I think your effort
would be better spent over at the talkingarch project that you mentioned.

It's not like we don't care for making distro more accessible, it's just
some people who are more knowledgeable than us in this topic have
already put in some work. I suggest you go and give them a hand. Having
an accessibility focused Arch spinoff will likely result in a better
outcome for everyone than if we added something half-baked.

That said, if it's really just a easy as installing a bunch of packages
and adding a boot option, then perhaps we could maintain it after all if
it doesn't need constant fixing.

Are you able and willing to send in a pull request for this?

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