[arch-releng] accessibility support in official arch iso.

александр епанешников aarnaarn2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 09:21:08 UTC 2019

hello Sven-Hendrik Haase. i all reddy maintain TalkingArch.

concerning pr now i don't know how to implement boot option correctly. i 
try something in my spare time.

thank you for follow-up.

sincerely, Alexandr

22.03.2019 1:34, Sven-Hendrik Haase via arch-releng пишет:
> On Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 14:56 Alexandr Epaneshnikov via arch-releng
> <arch-releng at archlinux.org <mailto:arch-releng at archlinux.org>> wrote:
>      hello. i am a blind arch user. currently to independently install
>      arch i
>      am using the TalkingArch <https://talkingarch.info> it is simple respin
>      of archiso with speakup and brltty packages included.
>      it wood be nice if official arch live iso comes with accessability
>      support. especialy then Debian, fedora and even gentoo provides such
>      option and it doesn't required much maintenance when implemented. if
>      someone from arch Community interested to implement with my guidance of
>      course.
>      a possible approach :
>      1 include alsa, brltty and espeakup packages.
>      2 create a special boot option to boot archiso live session with speech
>      enabled. brltty can be enabled in standard session because it not
>      interfere with workload for sited people.
>      3 make a11y documentation on arch wiki.
>      if someone is interested. lets discuss.
>      p.s. i hope that I chose the right list.
>      Sincerely, Alexander
> I don't believe this ever received any follow-up. Alexander, thank you
> for reaching out to improve Arch. Generally, the way it works for us
> that if any member of the community has interest in pursuing anything,
> they'll pick it up and just do it.
> Since we don't have any members of the Arch dev team who'd be interested
> at this time (apparently) to help this effort along, I think your effort
> would be better spent over at the talkingarch project that you mentioned.
> It's not like we don't care for making distro more accessible, it's just
> some people who are more knowledgeable than us in this topic have
> already put in some work. I suggest you go and give them a hand. Having
> an accessibility focused Arch spinoff will likely result in a better
> outcome for everyone than if we added something half-baked.
> That said, if it's really just a easy as installing a bunch of packages
> and adding a boot option, then perhaps we could maintain it after all if
> it doesn't need constant fixing.
> Are you able and willing to send in a pull request for this?
> Sven

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