[arch-releng] archiso moved to gitlab

Mr Green mrgreen at archbang.org
Sat May 30 06:40:43 UTC 2020

Hi David,

Please let us know when we can start adding issues? (or feature requests
might be a softer term)

On Fri, 29 May 2020 at 22:37, David Runge <dave at sleepmap.de> wrote:

> Hi all!
> Some of you might have noticed over the past weeks, that some of Arch
> Linux' projects are starting to migrate to our own gitlab instance [1].
> Although we are not entirely done with opening our gitlab instance to
> the outside world yet [2], we have decided that now is as good as any
> time to move archiso and other projects over.
> Earlier this year I have decided to pick up this project, as it is in
> dire need of a new maintainer/ team. Development has been relatively
> slow over the past months (due to work and probably also due to this
> generally weird situation we're all in ;-) ).
> The repo can now be found at:
> https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/archiso
> I have started adding tickets for the existing tickets in flyspray (as I
> plan on completely discarding the flyspray tracker for archiso) and for
> some of the issues that have been raised on the mailing list since
> August.
> For a few I have already added merge requests and I plan on releasing a
> new version of archiso this weekend, due to some breaking changes to
> some of the components in use.
> My general plan is to from now on only work with the merge request and
> milestone system that gitlab offers and combine it with gitlab's CI
> (that still proves to be a bit of a tough cookie for unprivileged docker
> due to the various mounts required during build).
> All in all I think that as soon as we are able to open the instance up
> to the public for good this will be a much more transparent workflow for
> all of us.
> Best,
> David
> [1] https://gitlab.archlinux.org
> [2]
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2020-May/029971.html
> [3] https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/archiso
> --
> https://sleepmap.de

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