[arch-releng] naming in baseline vs releng

qinohe qinohe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 19:28:56 UTC 2021

Hi Archiso team,

Thanks for Archiso so far it works great here, I have a request.

My request is about naming in the baseline vs releng profile.

I found a few files I would like to be changed if possible of course.

1. 'efiboot/loader/entries' in releng:
Could you set '03-archiso-x86_64-ram-linux.conf' to '02-archiso-x86_64-ram-linux.conf'
Set '02-archiso-x86_64-speech-linux.conf' to '03-archiso-x86_64-speech-linux.conf'

2. syslinux, could naming for baseline syslinux files be made similar to releng?
Change syslinux-linux.cfg to archiso_sys.cfg
Set syslinux.cfg in baseline to include archiso_sys.cfg instead of syslinux-linux.cfg.

Building Archiso is fully scripted here and these 2 changes would shorten the build script with quite a few lines, which would be nice.
I could change the nanes myself with yet another script every time I import a config (baseline / releng)
But, it would be nice if every file in baseline follows the same naming as releng does.
My guess is everyone that has building scripts would like that.
Thank you very much in advance!

Regards, Mark aka qinohe

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