[arch-security] strange netstat connections after having opened Firefox

mal mal at sec.gd
Fri Dec 4 20:59:38 UTC 2015

You can figure out who owns IP addresses using `whois`. I assume that's
what was used.

CPU fan speed is a bad measure of CPU usage; try `top`, `htop`, etc.

If you value privacy, you should consider using your own recursive resolver.

On 12/04/2015 05:46 PM, Elmar Stellnberger wrote:
> ok; fine to know Remi; then there was already everything good with the 
> configuration Jonathan had recommended me! (Qwant will have been there 
> because of the search machine status bar)
> However what I would find really interesting are the remaining servers 
> that there was a connection to when the '100% CPU fan' bug hit my 
> machine. I really did nothing at all when it heated up that much; - and 
> the desktop search should not have caused that, I would at least believe.
> Elmar
> P.S.: By the way which name server did you use for reverse lookup, Remi? 
> (OpenDNS server) did not do that for me in case of the 
> Qwant search engine; even sites like ping.eu do not succeed in the 
> reverse lookup of the 194.187.168.xx addresses.

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