[aur-dev] AUR Voting Application

Douglas Soares de Andrade dsandrade at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 06:41:06 EST 2007

Callan Barrett escreveu:
> Hi there,
> I suppose a lot of you have seen the recent discussion about voting
> and quorum etc. and the way it tapered off after the discussion on
> IRC. Since then I've put something together as an add-on to the AUR
> for TUs to vote for applicants, removals and all that to help us out a
> little. With this set up applying to be a TU and the discussion period
> would still be kept on the mailing list but after that it would be
> taken to the AUR for the voting period.
> With voting like this it means it's harder to miss a vote (maybe we
> can even set up a notice on the front AUR page or some sort of mail
> notification, I dunno), voting is kept more organised, votes are far
> easier to check back on and your vote is kept private.
> So far everything is working as it should, you're able to add a new
> proposal to the system and once there people are able to view
> information about the proposal and then vote on it. It's set up in a
> semi-anonymous way where the fact you voted is recorded but your
> actual vote (yes/no/abstain) is never known. Although all the basic
> functionality is complete it's still missing a few things like
> localisation and supporting votes of a variable length but bother of
> these shouldn't be too hard to add. I'm interested in anyone's opinion
> of this and any suggestions you'd like to make for it.
> Some screenshots:
> http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/3976/closedvotelo4.png
> http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/1448/listviewvq9.png
> http://img296.imageshack.us/img296/1908/runningnotvotedkt6.png
> http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/9517/runningvotedab7.png
> http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/1553/submitfv2.png

Great Callan =)

Where can we fetch the code ? I would like to help with this one.

And a great addition would be a side bar or a portlet that says who 
still not voted, so we can keep track of the voting process.

Again, great job =)

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