[aur-dev] AUR Release 1.5.0

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Tue Feb 19 12:08:05 EST 2008

> That is not our only problem with the json interface. Namely, the info()
> method doesn't work at all due to a slight coding error in patching
> together the query string.
> I made the necessary changes and put them in testing already:
> e3d5bd40a32b2421197b392add824d328c99d817
> cccd21922904d4d56230301bdf9de4e98d9673f9
> I also changed the search method to behave the same way the AUR's web
> interface does, although I think the fulltext search may be superior, it
> can't search for parts of words which may be a drawback depending on who
> you ask.

Removing fulltext searching makes it super fail now.
Not sure why/how you think these changes make it better.

Not sure if pulling in modules on the fly is really a good idea either.
It may be better to test for the module, and not provide the aur_json
interface if it doesn't exist.

As to the query string being wrong..That regression crept in as a
result of the request for info by package name as well as info by
package id.
It would have been nice to have people actually testing it.. *sigh*

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