[aur-dev] Roadmap

Sebastian xilonmu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:44:29 EST 2008

Afaik there are two AUR2 projects. The first one was the "br" [1] one
that was started ages ago, but the developers are very quite and it's
hard to get a hold of them. I tried to make them more active in terms
of communication but it seems I failed. I spoke with one of the
developers and he said they were very close to finishing but I haven't
seen any of them since then. Having looked at the code it seems they
simply tried to replicate the current AUR in Django so there probably
weren't many advantages over the current AUR besides cleaner code.

There's also the newer project [2] which seems to be developed only be
me now, but Thralas was also active at the beginning. It's getting
close to replicating the functionality of the current AUR, but there's
still lots to be done.When designing it we aimed for it to be more
flexible and generally just more thought out than the current AUR. I'm
not a TU or developer so it's a bit hard for me to think of ways to
improve the interface for TUs, especially since the cvs system and web
interface seems to be only linked by the database.

There might be some more information on the wiki;

The current AUR requires a total rewrite either way, so I don't think
there's any point investing much time in adding any features to it.
One of the biggest issues (afaik, since I haven't looked at the db
schema) is the mixing of business logic and presentation. It's really
aweful to try and hack the code when it's like that. The Django
framework, as most of you probably know, is really easy to use and
fast to develop with, so I think it would be a better investment to
focus on any of the new projects.

[1] http://aur2.archlinux-br.org/
[2] http://repo.or.cz/w/aur2-xilon.git

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