[aur-dev] AUR2 New feature: Package Requests

Sebastian Nowicki xilonmu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 11:46:12 EST 2008

This morning I was looking for package requests, that I may be able to
fill, on the bbs. After a few minutes of flipping through threads, I
realised that nobody maintains the forum. These threads do not get
edited properly to indicate that a request was filled. Every thread I
looked at which seemed to be a request, was in fact already filled.
Searching for a valid request seemed impossible. Who know how many
threads spanning those 99 pages are actually filled or not?

So I figured I may as well make a special section for it on the AUR
site. The templates are a bit ugly still, and there's no searching
implemented, nor do requests get marked as filled when a package gets
submitted, but there's time for that. Here are some screenshots of
what's done so far:

http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/1507/200801120137081679x520seo8.png *

I discussed it with wizzo a bit and decided that comments weren't
neccessary, but a "pkgbuild attempt" field would be useful. Any
comments/discussion that people may have about the request can reside on
the ML or bbs.

* Request listing will have an "added" or "requested on" field

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