[aur-dev] [PATCH] removed obsolete inline CSS in index.php

Michael Klier chi at chimeric.de
Sat Jun 7 11:43:19 EDT 2008

Angel Velásquez wrote:
>    Oh hi Michael, good, but, i have to be annoying again (and sorry) but
>    what about with the double and simple quotes subject? i know that the
>    file was originally written bad, but try at least to don't copy and
>    paste things like:
>    print "</th>";
>    print "</tr>";
>    Remember, double quotes and simple quotes are important even if you
>    think that 'both works'. I tried to said you this in the other mail,
>    and i thought that you understood (i hope this time you will), thanks
>    anyway, but please try to clean the code (or maybe i say optimize it?)
>    before submit a patch, isn't the idea to patch and re-patch with
>    bad-written-code.

Ok, to get that sorted out (you're not annoying btw ;)). On the other hand I
should not touch bigger parts of a file to omit big diffs, but if I introduce
a change to one single line I should fix the quoting as well, leaving the
sorrounding code in bad quoting? Sorry if I missunderstood something here, I
hesitated to change the quoting here because I think that's part of another
patch, introducing mixed quoting is IMHO even worse. Or would it have been OK
if I'd have changed the quoting style of the html blocks in this case?

Again, sorry if I missunderstood something.


Michael Klier
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