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Fri Jun 20 17:30:20 EDT 2008

Angel Velásquez writes:
> The purpose of my e-mail is to give some recommendations that should be 
> adopted by everyone, I don't want to be arrogant or force you to do 
> something without knowing why, so I will explain the reasons behind my 
> recommendations and then you will probably agree with me.
> Singles quotes vs Doubles quotes
> Problem:
> In the past I sent an e-mail about this topic, but I think I was 
> misunderstood. The correct way should be using singles quotes when you 
> don't need to parse any kind of variable, that applies in any case.

As I feel a little bit addressed by that (read addressed not offended ;-)) I'd
like to repeat again that I completely understand your points (and understood
them in the prior mails too ;)). I am currently maintaining around 25.000 lines
of PHP code (which is not all written by me), and trust me, I know what good
coding style is worth (personally I stick to the Zend Framework PHP coding
standards [1] whenever possible when it comes to PHP).

But, as you already said some source code files of the AUR are not really in
shape in many ways when it comes to coding standards. The problem, as I see it
for someone who likes to send a patch, is, that you usually address a specific
"problem" with a patch. Although cleaning the code makes always sense, it
should IMHO be separated into separate patch sets and not mixed with other
patches in order to not blur the "real" purpose of a patch.

I actually sent one patch which did both, fix some invalid XHTML + refactored
the rest of the file. It was rejected because it was too big and you couldn't
really tell from the diff what was actually fixed and what was just moved a bit
here and there. I think the cleaning of the code is a task of it's own and
should not be mixed with fixes for specific problems.

Even though the changes I've sent until now where small, I also agree with
Loui, when he says the AUR is more in maintenance mode (IIRC there where
already two attempts for AUR2, though I don't know much about their current

Again, I'd just like to say that I believe we're thinking along the same lines

Best Regards,

[1] http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/coding-standard.html
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