[aur-dev] AUR 1.5.1 Released

Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 23 04:59:50 EDT 2008

That's right folks, the "quick" release that wasn't so quick after all.
Terribly sorry about the delay, school is like having one of those
cartooney iron balls chained to your leg.

Nothing too special to see, miscellaneous updates and some bug fixes.
Some speed improvements on the search page, and the JSON interface
should work now *poke poke* json client authors.

Oneliner log follows. Enjoy.
Simo Leone
Archlinux Developer

7d7ef9b... Version bump to 1.5.1
99e65b2... Revamped pkg_search_page()
da3b397... Updated Polish translation
2462777... Small fix to Italian translation
b1fe84d... Fixed bug where search resets when browsing orphans
e64307d... Generate valid dummy data entries
3577326... Make all references to AUR database consistent
e0582fd... Fix weird title setting on search page
172dbf6... Fixed broken search results
fca6767... One more json fix
0e32c86... Changed valid_passwd() to check for non-empty password instead of good_passwd()
a5a8895... Put login into its own function.
541ea8a... Fixed a couple more lingering JSON bugs
9a4ca4e... Changed to non-fancy logo
9254804... Fixed operator precendence in aurjson
196543a... Make JSON interface work
a2fe04f... Added missing message to Italian translation
90ceaca... Another small fix for Italian translation
380b1b6... Updated German translation
1200ce9... Updated French translation
865ffb9... More small updates to Italian translation
e7bb7a2... Turn more and less buttons into links
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