[aur-dev] Hello all

Manuel Tortosa manutortosa at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 13:44:26 EDT 2010

Hello all, i'm Manuel Tortosa, from the Chakra Project  and i work in the 
Chakra Webpage developement ( i'm the pacman Catalan translator :P )

As you know we forked AUR to fit the Chakra needs, using your code.

I did some changes to the source code and this means it's impossible to keep 
our implementation synced upstream but i plan to add some new features to our 
AUR installation and i already added some, even if it's not possible to mix 
both implementations i'm interested in provide you any new feature i add to 
the code suitable for both needs, in the form of patches maded directly to the 
AUR source code.

Later you can decide to apply these patches features or not ;)

As example i added syntax highlighting via GeShi to the pkgbuild view, this is 
how AUR shows a packagebuild, when you click in the pkgbuild link in 
packages.php (Tarball :: Files :: PKGBUILD):


This is how Ccr shows a pkgbuild:


where  can i send these patches? 
All the paches will be prepared using the AUR source code and template 
agnostic to fit the ARCH look even if this means double work for me.

Thanks a lot for your work. Keep Arch rolling!

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